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Ritual Making Precious Harmony: Confucius Institute of University of Mauritius held celebration of “Confucius Institute Day”
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At the time of the global celebration of Confucius Institute, Confucius Institute of University of Mauritius, with the cooperation with ZSTU, held a 2-day celebration. On September 29, in the first lecture hall of University of Mauritius, the institute and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Mauritius jointly held a lecture to publicize the ideology of Confucius. An audience of over 300 people from the various social communities of the country attended the lecture, which was jointly hosted by the Chinese and foreign deans of the institute.

Foreign dean Kistamah firstly delivered a speech on the role of the Confucius Institute. Doctor Kistamah gave a general introduction to the global development and distribution of Confucius Institute, as well as the mission of the institute to communicate Chinese culture and tell a good story of China. He explained the programs and activities held by Confucius Institute of University of Mauritius in sequence, and aimed at helping the people of Mauritius to better understand Chinese people and to promote the friendship between the two peoples.

Chinese dean Tan Xudong delivered a speech on the ideology of Confucius. He began with the three angles of “heaven and earth, benevolence and ritual, life”, and illustrated the doctrine of Confucius to the audience. Confucius held that human being should have a kind of revere for “heaven and earth” (nature), and advocate “ecological civilization”. The audience repeatedly nodded their heads and expressed their agreement.

After that, president Zhu Changping of ABC Group Company, the first enterprise of Mauritius, could not help asking to give a speech. He expressed that this style of introduction to Confucius opened a window for more people of Mauritius to know China, and the institute should hold more similar lecture and activity.

On September 30, the Confucius Institute staged an activity to experience Chinese traditional food. Tan Xudong demonstrated the making of dumpling, and introduced the history and legend as well as the implied meaning of the food in China. On the same day, the website of Confucius Institute of University of Mauritius got online, the students smoothly finished their first stage of study, and the deans awarded the certificates to them.

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