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President Chen Wenxing presented at the 2017 Joint Conference of Confucius Institute in Africa and visited University of Mauritius
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    On May 17 to 19, ZSTU president Chen Wenxing, director Fu Xiang of the International Exchange and Cooperation Division, Chinese and foreign deans Tan Xudong and Tama Hodges of the Confucius Institute of the University of Mauritius, etc, attended the 2017 Joint Conference of Confucius Institute in Africa held in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia.

    A total number of 240 figures, namely, the Chinese and foreign presidents and deans of the 48 Confucius Institutes and 6 Confucius Classrooms of 35 African countries, the representatives of 20 Chinese and African enterprises and institutions, etc, attended the event, which boasted the unprecedentedly scale ever in its history. Ambassador Yang Youming of Chinese Embassy in Zambia, minister Wan Qingka of the Ministry of Education of Zambia, deputy permanent secretary Peggy Chirwa of Zambian Ministry of Higher Education, president Luke Evuta Mumba of the University of Zambia, Xia Jianhui, deputy director-general of the Confucius Institute Headquarters and deputy director of Chinese Hanban, etc, presented at the opening ceremony and delivered their speeches.

    During the conference, Chen Wenxing and his delegation participated in various special reports, undertook their discussions with the attending leaders and experts concerning such topics as the promotion of the cultivation of local teaching strength, vocational technology training, the cooperation with the Chinese-funded enterprises, etc, and carried out their profound exchange with Xia Jianhui on how to further promote the scale and influence of the institute.

    After the joint conference, Chen Wenxing and his delegation visited the University of Mauritius, undertook their practical and friendly talks with president Dhanjay Jhurry of the university, and reached the following agreements on how to deepen the mutual cooperation and exchange: firstly, joint promotion of the future development of the Confucius Institute, and bringing into better play the institute’s role of Chinese-language teaching and Chinese culture communications; secondly, making use of the platform of the institute to launch various inter-school exchange and cooperation; thirdly, the further promotion of scholar exchange, student exchange, mutual recognition of credits, as well as the smart campus construction of the University of Mauritius. Chen Wenxing expressed that the relevant colleges and functional units should keep their close communications and tie regarding the cooperation contents they covered, formulate feasible implementation plans, and put the cooperation plans into practice. After the talk, Chen Wenxing and his delegation visited the teaching and scientific research facilities in the fields of textiles, design, bio-material, etc, of the University of Mauritius. Chen Wenxing had talks with the Chinese dean and teachers of the Confucius Institute, learned about their work and life, encouraged them to practice sound schooling, and undertake relevant research by making use of work opportunity in Mauritius.

    During their stay in Mauritius, Chen Wenxing and his delegation visited the Embassy of PRC in the Republic of Mauritius, and carried out their deep exploration into the Confucius Institute’s better serving the national diplomatic strategy and promotion of the schooling with ambassador Li Li, and the like.

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