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Opening ceremony held at Confucius Institute of University of Suriname
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    On May 12, the opening ceremony of the first Chinese-language class was held at the Confucius Institute of the University of Suriname, one institute established by ZSTU, where president Jack Menke of the university, counselor Jiang Xiaoyan of the Chinese Embassy in Suriname, president Zhang Zhihe of the General Federation of Overseas Chinese in Suriname, etc, presented at the event, expressed their congratulations and gave their speeches. Director Chen Yu of Chinese Art Center in Suriname, the directing staff of the Confucius Institute as well as a total number of 83 students attended the ceremony.

    The president of the university looked back on the development course of the institute from the preparation to establishment, illustrated the significance of Chinese language and the role the institute played in promoting the exchanges in the various fields between the two countries, and encouraged the students to overcome difficulties and study hard. Counselor Jiang Xiaoyan gave an introduction to the present development situations and the significance of the establishment of the institute, hoped that the students view the study of Chinese language as an opportunity, try to learn about Chinese linguistic culture, history and present situations, and perceive the sincere friendship between Chinese and Surinamese. President Zhang Zhihe began with his own experience of tens of years of life in Suriname, gave an introduction to the exchanges and blending in the field of linguistic culture between the two peoples, and talked about the practical values of Chinese-language study in daily life and commercial trade, which greatly inspired the students. During the ceremony, Chinese language teacher Ma Zifen gave a lecture on Chinese dumpling culture, which further inspired the students to study more positively. After the ceremony, the distinguished guests and students tasted the dumpling and fried dumpling prepared by the local Chinese cooks on the spot.

    The recruitment of this session of Chinese-language class took two weeks and was warmly responded to in the various social circles of Suriname. The students include some college students on campus, as well as the learners from some governmental units, enterprises and public institutions, whose ages vary from 11 to 86. The first students are to be divided into 4 classes, who take 2 times of classes every week, 2 periods every time, which is to last for 15 weeks. The opening ceremony marked the official initiation of the Chinese-language teaching given by the Confucius Institute of the University of Suriname.

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