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ZSTU illustrator graduation work officially designated as gift for the 25th anniversary of China-Ukraine diplomatic relation establishment
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    On the eve of the Belt an Road Summit Forum, the Belt and Road China-Ukraine Culture Exchange Week was grandly staged at the Ukraine Palace in Kiev, capital city of Ukraine. The theme artistic silk scarf series entitled “Silk Road Silk Charm”, jointly created by Lu Qifang, a ZSTU 2010 illustrator major graduate, and the silk brand representative enterprise, was presented at the opening ceremony. The work was presented together with the “Silk Road New Image” artistic exhibition jointly created by the first-rate domestic painting and calligraphy masters, and silk culture, calligraphy and paining arts mutually perfected one another and highlighted Chinese culture in the ceremony. Additionally, the “Silk Road Silk Charm” theme artistic silk scarf series was designated as an official gift for the exchange week, given to Ukrainian guests and highly appreciated.

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of China-Ukraine diplomatic relation establishment, to promote the Belt an Road human heart connecting and cultural exchange project, and to launch the warm-up publicity for the Beijing Belt an Road International Summit Forum, the Belt and Road China-Ukraine Culture Exchange Week was ceremoniously initiated with the support of the embassies of the two countries. The exchange week was jointly held by the Silk Road Cities Alliance, Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Conservatory of Music, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture and Ukrainian Federation of Overseas Chinese. Poroshenko, first lady of Ukraine, Kravchuk, first president of Ukraine, former president Yushchenko, Zubkov, vice prime minister and minister of the Ministry of Regional Development, Du Wei, Chinese extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador in Ukraine, as well as another 300 figures from the various Chinese and Ukrainian social circles, presented at the opening ceremony. This was the cultural exchange of the largest scale in the past 25 years since China and Ukraine established their diplomatic relation.

    The “Silk Road Silk Charm” theme artistic silk scarf features the extensive and profound Dunhuang Culture, begins with the thinking of “present for the Year of the Rooster”, and includes the creation element of the Five Blessing Chicken of various shapes in the mural paintings, because in Chinese culture, chicken and phoenix have the same origin, which imply auspiciousness and beauty, and symbolize vitality, celestial power and protection, aw well as the god of sun and light.

    Lu Qifang highly esteemed the Dunhuang mural painting and undertook his radical element restructuring, the traditional Flying Apsaras modeling was incorporated in, the west land charm was perfectly integrated with Chinese traditional pattern, and the open and inclusive posture of Dunhuang Culture was presented on the silk scarf, which is the most demanding spirit in the temporary time.

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